Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Spanking?!

TV flicks off, The Man looks at me and says several things, but I can't hear them because I'm stuck on one particular phrase, "Your 41 cane strokes."

I'm sorry, what??


"Yeah, it's your birthday, 41 strokes of the cane just for you."


"Uh but if it's my birthday shouldn't I get what I want?"

"Yeah, and you did. Now you get your Birthday spanking."

"But but I don't want a Birthday spanking."

"See I think that Birthday spankings were invented as an excuse for people who like spanking other people. I like spanking and it's your Birthday."

"I don't recall this from last year, I don't know about new traditions and all that."

"We weren't together last year, oh wait, yes we were, but we were in the middle of moving and exhausted. It's not a new tradition, I did it the year before."

Why don't I remember this? Selective memory perhaps? Think... think....

"But my stoma~" I was going to say was too full from the amazing dinner he made, but realized He'd just put me in some crazy position or make me stand and bend or something. Bad idea. Still thinking.....oh oh got it!

"You know, since you love spanking me and I love to make you happy, maybe you should divvy it up. You know, not do it all in one night. Savor it a bit. Liiiiike say 10 a night for four nights."

"I already give you 10 every night, so you mean 20 every night for four nights."

Now it's true He sends me to sleep with 10, but they aren't that hard usually.... just enough to make me squirm, wriggle, whimper, and make Him happy. 41, even of those though sounded like a lot! And I wasn't convinced that He wouldn't get a little carried away in His enjoyment and wind up wanting to make me reallly wriggle and squirm! Even 20 every night sounded like dangerous territory!

"Noooo no no that isn't really quite what I was thinking. Somehow that turns 41 into like 80!"

"Actually, I don't think I'm going to cane you."

Sideways glance and wait for it because there is no possible way The Man is just letting this go.

"It's supposed to be a spanking after all, so I think I'll paddle you."


"Omg! You aren't going to make me cry are you?!" I do not like paddles, I do not like them, anywhere anytime anyplace that concerns me!

"Come here."

And before I know it there I am, face down, getting a Birthday spanking over his knee... And I had to count, of course I had to count. What is with the counting?! And of course I had to get one to grow on! Which really isn't fair since I'm supposed to be shrinking, not growing... shouldn't I have actually gotten one less?? Just sayin'.

Here's the thing that floors a lot of people... I don't like getting spanked! Not for fun, not for discipline, not for anything. I do love feeling His power, I love submitting to The Man, I love every little thing about it..... except the actual spanking. :) The physical act is the conduit to all the rest that I need and crave. So you can see why, for me, I was not all keen and like woo a spanking. Especially one that was with His hand, which might as well be made of wood, as well as, a real, thick, wooden paddle. Ack! I should also mention that when you are counting to 41, that it suddenly seems like a really big number!

I have to admit though it wasn't nearly as bad as I momentarily feared. I have to admit that the rotation between hand and paddle did make the paddle a little easier. I have to admit that what followed after the paddling was well worth the Birthday spanking. What I'm really wondering about though is how I'm going to get this little tradition to cease before I turn 50 because that is just way too big a number! I've got nine years to figure this out... it seems like that should be plenty of time, and yet, I'm not certain it is.  

I'm already imagining my fiftieth birthday, me stewing and people saying, "It's okay, really 50 isn't bad at all." And I'll be thinking, Yes it is! Don't you know how long it can take to count to 50???


  1. Happy Birthday! ! ! I hope your swats were not too hard.

  2. Happy Birthday! And I hope your posterior feels better presently! Think of it this way...maybe that's 41 less swats you'll have to endure this year! (thinking positively!)

  3. Happy birthday! And I say no fair!! I got spanked on my birthday but it was for something else..still - I call foul!

    Maybe next year convince him to start counting down??

  4. Happy Birthday!! At least HE was happy! ;o)

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    And I thought you said you didn't do Maintenance. . . 10 with the cane every night? I'd say that more than counts as maintenance! :)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and, I agree...10 with a cane every night more than covers maintenance!!

  7. Sara and Dragon's Rose~ Thanks for the good wishes and no it wasn't tooooo bad!

    Learning_Curves~ lololol! That is positive thinking!

    Stormy~ Ugh! At least it was a "fun" one. I wasn't quick witted enough! I should have said that since I want to lose 25 lbs, there should have been 25 less. I mean if you can do the one to grow on, can't you do the few to lose from?

    Mikki~ :) He was definately happy! Big meanie ;)

    Danielle and Heather~ See, that's what I was thinking! When He started on about maintenance, I was like, what are you talking about?! We DO maintenance, I'm positive! Crazy Man!

    Thank you all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes!

  8. Congratulations Candy! :) I'm sure you can't wait for your 50th birthday. I'm sorry about the very late wishes, but I just found your blog today. I completely know where you are coming from, my Husband also loves that cane of his. Ouch. Congratulations again and great job on your blog. Keep up the good work!