Friday, August 5, 2011

Faaaaabulous Friday!

I love Fridays. Friday nights are the best time of the week. The week is done and put away, yet you still have the whole weekend ahead of you. Not a single moment of the weekend has slipped by and left you wondering where it went. 

In the Mr.Man household we are BIG on appreciation. We spend a lot of time telling each other and showing each other how much we appreciate one another.  Having a good marriage takes a lot of work from both parties. Knowing that the other person doesn't take it for granted, but rather receives it with gratitude, goes along way in keeping the circle going.

I doubt it's easy being the "Big Man." He works hard, long hours to provide for us. He's always there for us whether it's that we need a shoulder to cry on, a good long heart to heart, or a serious kick in the butt. (Okay more like paddle, but you get the idea) He doesn't come home and stare at the TV... He might have a small internet news addiction, but we can forgive that :D I can tell Him anything in the world and He won't yell at me, He won't make me feel like an idiot, or embarrassed.... He'll just listen and make everything okay. In fact, that sums Him up... He always makes everything in the world, okay. He carries our world on His shoulder and that's gotta be a pretty heavy weight.

Likewise, I have to carry my side of the equation. I have to be emotionally open and vulnerable to Him all of the time. I have to think in terms of Him, all of the time... not what I feel like having for dinner, or what I feel like doing, but Him. How can I please Him in this moment? I have to be honest in every possible way. I have to be open to whatever it is He wants at any given moment. I have not just be obedient to what He says, but also to what I know He wants. Other women are out mindlessly blowing their husbands paycheck on shoes (mind you, I'm speaking of nonworking wives) while I'm asking if I can buy a new crockpot.

The crazy thing is that none of this feels like work to either of us. It's just what we do, and we do it with happiness. We fill our roles bringing great contentment to each other. There is really something to the idea that you get back a lot more than you give. It never feels like "giving."

So Since Friday kicks off the weekend I try to do something extra great for The Man. It sets the tone for a loving weekend when He walks in the door and sees I've been thinking of Him and anticipating the weekend with Him. I figured I'd share the idea in case someone else wanted to pick up on it. Okay, I admit it, I encourage everyone to pick up on it :D

So, in case you're thinking... geeze what could I do? I don't have much time! 

Wear a skirt or dress if you normally don't.

Do your hair and make up and look really beautiful just for Him.

Be bent over the bed with your skirt flipped up and His favorite implement laying next to you.

Cook His favorite meal.

If the laundry makes Him crazy.. tackle it!
(Okay so that one isn't great if you don't have much time, but maybe you are home today) 

The point is... do something!  And most importantly..... Tell Him! If that's the only thing you do that's okay, it's the best part... sit on His lap and tell Him how much you appreciate the weight He shoulders for you, and the love He gives you.

I know it might sound obvious, but ya know, sometimes we women make a lot more out of the little things that we don't think are quite right, than all of the things we think are perfect ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. These are some great ideas, thanks!

  2. Great advice, I try to do this too, it is such a great way to set the tone for the weekend. I enjoy doing the small things to show him how much I appreciate him, and it really is a full circle thing. He in turn appreciates all the hard work I put in to take care of him. We both reap the rewards of what we contribute to the relationship.


  3. Great post...and so true. x

  4. Thank you to all of you :) I do think it's important for them to know we see what they do for us and appreciate it. It keeps the circle flowing!