Monday, August 8, 2011


It all started with one of my very funny little smart ass remarks. I think they are funny. Usually He thinks they are funny. Of course that's because I've learned the difference between what He will find funny, and what He, well, uh, won't. You can gently tug the tigers tail and get a fun little growl, or yank it and get mauled.

I was popping into bed and giggling over a comment I thought of, but kept to myself.

"What are you laughing about?"

"Sometimes I'm amazed at how well I keep the tongue in check now."

Pulling me in close to His chest with a twinkle in His eye... "I don't spank you enough."

Clearly the man is crazy! He wakes me up with happy swats. He sends me to bed with happy swats. He comes home from work and gives me happy swats. He makes love to me with harder swats. In between all that, if I've done something wrong, He gives me the not so fun, happy, omg I'm gonna die, swats! Not enough?!

Giggling~ "Not enough? How in the world do you figure that?"

Pulling me deeper into His chest~ "If I spanked you enough, you wouldn't even have the thoughts that need keeping in check."

Full chortle now~ "So you're going to start spanking me for thoughts?!"

"I'm thinking maybe I should do maintenance with you."

Maintenance? Maintenance? I thought that's what all that swatting through out the day was! This is starting to sound a little worrisome. We don't already do maintenance?!


"Yep. I think every Friday night, six good strokes of the cane, bent over grabbing your ankles."

Okay, this isn't funny anymore. Dead, heart stopping silence.

"I think it would be a good way to make sure we're even for all of the things you think and do that you don't confess to."

Blink, blink.. and then I can't help it, burst of laughter..."Maintenance equals being even?!"

"I think so. I like that, but here's the problem; you have a hard enough time confessing. (It's true, unless it's really bad, I don't confess if I'm not asked. I figure if He didn't ask, then it wasn't that important. I can take care of it the next day without any harm or foul, thank you)  I think if I instituted the Friday rule, you'd stop confessing all together, you'd just say, oh well, I'll pay for it on Friday. And we still wouldn't be even because you would have racked up a lot more than the six."

Does The Man know me or what?!  "I swear I love that you know me so well."

Snuggling me even deeper and kissing the top of my head, "I do at that, baby. Besides, I love your spirit and I'm glad you haven't lost it."



  1. Six with the cane? Ouch! Sounds like you two are in a great place though!

  2. :D Thanks Rogue, we are truly blessed to be so happy together. As to the 6~ omg yes ouch! LOL that's why I was like? What?! Okay not funny! Thankfully He was just messin with me... big mean man likes to do that, something about keeping me on my toes =D

  3. love. love. love reading your blog!!! thanks so much for posting! i hope i can have a relationship as good as this someday!

  4. Anonymous~ Thank you!! I love comments, I love knowing that something I said was helpful/intersting/inspiring/entertaining/some kind of sooooomething to someone! So thank you very much for taking a moment to comment! And best of luck on finding the relationship you are looking for!

  5. My man is ready to start maintenance but I'm not. Oh well it's not my decision. I just have to trust him.

  6. Candy I am so happy I have found your blog. My husband & I have had an 18 year relationship and I have been disciplined throughout the time. I find when I get maintenance spankings I seldom need punishment spankings.

    Mine are weekly (and I am so happy we do not have a cane!)

    Hugs to you - thanks again for this great blog.