Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank You! And Frustration!

So here's the thing, we live in Italy. I know, I know it sounds really fantastic doesn't it? Well, we live in Southern Italy where nothing ever actually fully works! I am also, obviously using Blogger, which can have it's own little tantrums once in a while. Soooo here I am, trying to give a HUGE thank you to people for reading thus far. I am trying really hard to say thanks to Jenny for not only reading, but also commenting. I'm attempting with all my might to tell Bonnie how much I truly appreciate her warm welcome and putting me on her site.... and I can't! I can't do anything other than post. =( argh!

It could be Blogger. It could be more Italian internet issues (it's been on the downslope for 8 hours here), and it could even, possibly be.... me! I admit, sometimes I make things a little (er maybe a lot) harder than they have to be. So, once Mr.Man gets home, he'll look at it and he'll at least say, "Baby, it was you" and fix it... or He will sigh in His own frustration. The plus to Him sighing, and it not being me, is that I get to feel that rush of.. YAY it wasn't meeee! The downside is that it still won't be fixed =/ For once I will hope that it's me!

At any rate, thank you, thank you! I was going to post a real entry today, but now that I've messed around with this for much longer than I care to admit, I have more pressing wifely type of duties to get moving on!


  1. I'm only allowed one hour total time online per day or I get I understand! I try to blog and keep up but it's a challenge. My computer rule is my most hated rule!

  2. Ugh! One hour?! I can admit that probably I could cut back some on internet time, but omg... and hour?!

  3. I just found your blog! My brother and his wife life in italy....air force. Nice to meet blog is lovely. :)

  4. Ashley~ I'm so glad you found it, I really like yours and thank you! I hope they live in a better part of Italy than we do! Lots of military here ;)