Friday, August 26, 2011

My favorite place

Well we talked and it was a bit long and lead to a bit of a rabbit hole, but we are straight now.

We wentt to Rome yesterday and I was thinking about how much I love the way The Man is so protective. He holds my hand everywhere. He looks to see where I"m at all the time. He tells me when to cross the street and to watch my step.

I was thinking about how some women would hate it. Some women would be like, oh my gosh, I can cross the street all by myself thank you! But not me. I don't see it as Him thinking I'm incapable, I see it as Him needing His piece of mind that I'm safe. I love that He loves me that much. I love that worries over me. I love that I am that important to The Man.

I know that some women would resent being controlled, watched over, constantly told what to do. I know some would hate asking permission for everything and being held accountable. I know some women would feel suffocated. I don't. I love the way He loves me. I love that it doesn't matter what it is, He is going to make sure that we are okay. That I am okay. That nothing happens to me, and nothing happens to us. I rely on it. I rely on His ability to say no because that would endanger what we have, or you, or some other thing.... even when my knee jerk reaction is to not like it, or to disagree with His call on it... He still says no. He still insists that we don't take any steps that might damage us. Part of that, in His mind, is making sure that nothing happens to me because if something happened to me, then obviously something would happen to us. It's part and parcel and I adore it.

Submission is hard sometimes because it means letting go of what you think, or what you want, or what you like, or your sense of independence. I think for me, the sense of being dependant is probably the hardest thing of all to constantly adjust to..... it scares me how lost I would be without Him, without us. Yet, what scares me more is missing out on a piece of us because I was too scared to take His hand, and let Him guide me across the road.  So I let go, again and again, I let go and I trust in Him and then I wonder what I was even trying to hold onto in the first place because being wrapped up in His protective spirit of "us" is my favorite place to be.


  1. It sounds like your head is back where your heart has been! I'm so glad for you! I know that it scares me too when I think about life without S. I think this is a good thing. I can remember, before Dd, I can actually remember saying that if something happened to him, that I'd be sad but I'd be ok. Now, my life would be turned upside down and I can only imagine how devastated I'd be without him.

    Good for you!!

  2. That's so beautiful Candy. I have the same kind of man, and sometimes I really resist's hard to not let my willful spirit react. He zips my coat up to my chin..well thanks but I can get that. And no, I don't think I need a hat! But there are many times when my spirit is quieter, and I can "feel" every act of protection for what it is, an act of love and devotion and adoration. It's easier when I can remind myself of that.

  3. I loved how you described that wrapped in the protective spirit of "us'' is your favorite place to be. You seem to have found bliss in the submissive lifestyle.


  4. I love this post! I think the same way about my DH (well, most of the time!) It doesn't seem so hard for me to allow the control and the protective nature because it is what I grew up with. It was the culture of where we both lived. We have tried hard to overcome the dysfunctional portions of what we knew growing up, and use it to create peace and harmony in our home.

    Lovely blog. I will be reading you often.


  5. Hello Candy,

    I'm a firtst time reader like Sammi. I enjoy coming to sites where I feel relaxed afterward. This post was beautiful. I agree with FD re: the last sentence. It really is the little things ...

    My Best,

    KayLynn, ExMoWife

  6. Its not love, it's lack of trust. Obviously he doesn't trust you to be an adult. A parent with teen kids, will they insist that their teen has tio hold their hand every time they cross a street? But suddenly you, as a wife lost, that ability? You sound like a toddler or a puppy...not a wife. It's sad.

    1. U sound somewhat bitter. Maybe ur experience was bad, and I'm so sorry for that, but it's ultimately about a communication connection that's unprecedented. As a man I'm sitting here wondering what transpired in ur relationship where it left U feeling like that. Maybe next time it'll be better.IK I spent 7 years in a marriage that thought me who I was and what I'm supposed to do as a man. Unfortunately I don't have time to hold ur hand and walk U thru the inner workings of a DD relationship.

  7. I think most of the times, its really about the culture in which we live in. My Husband and I both grew up in very traditional household, so for us it really wasn't much of a struggle to find domestic discipline/male headship. Once we find ourselves completely enamored with being in submission to a strong Husband, we really just have to trust them in everything. And sometimes that means obeying in all things. Whether its devotion, love, sense of protection, where ever we go with our Husband, the idea of bliss should go with us as well.

  8. P.S. Don't listen to people like 'a said'
    , finding our Husbands protective and simply loving the idea of submitting ourselves to them completely is not sad. Realizing that without them we are 'missing' or how I also see it 'nothing', simply means that we cherish every waking moment we are with our Husband

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  10. I love your blog. I can really relate to it. I know you haven't posted in a while. Are you still going too?

    Cheers, C

  11. You have such a great blog!
    Have added you to my blog list and will be back soon!

    Jack's Jill

  12. At last i have started my Domestic Discipline blog!!!

    Princess x

  13. This is absolutely beautiful! It is sad that the majority of the world has forgotten what marriage is all about! I am working towards marriage as well, but having a hard time getting there because I do not want to let go... I will get there though!

    P.S. Please download Palringo group messenger and join DD Support group. I will start it asap.

  14. I just found your blog, I love your stories, then I saw that you haven't been active in the last year. I'm hoping you may be posting again, because I think you have a wonderful voice to add to the community.


  15. Hi!

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