Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Story (Part Two)

Earlier in the week I had been texting him while on my way to do some shopping. He told me right there and then to stop texting him immediately. Texting while driving was absolutely not allowed. Hm, okay. I agreed, and I even kind of followed it. It wasn't like I'd even met the guy, so really how much was I going to obey His rule?! However, in the spirit of the best foot forward, I did at least try... mostly. I waited until I was at a stop light, or a very long, slow moving, traffic jam. Sometimes it would be when I was so close to where I was going I was practically there... like pulling into the parking lot. 

Saturday night had rolled around and I was supposed to meet him at 6. I knew he was pretty big on punctuality from previous conversations and I rolled into the lot right at 6 on the nose. I wanted him to know I was there... on time. I was not, at that time, particularly punctual, so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for getting there on the dot.... maybe not in the door, but definitely there. As I turned into the lot, I glanced up, saw a spot, and sent a text as I maneuvered into the space. The text I got back was simple... "I know, I'm looking right at you." crap! Seriously?! 

I look up and sure enough, he's parked in the car that mine is now nose to nose with. I couldn't believe the odds of that, seriously, who does that happen to? And yet, that pretty much defines how our entire relationship has gone. Somehow, He is always just there... He just knows what I'm doing, He just knows the exact question to ask to make everything in me tumble out. And I love Him for it. 

At that particular moment though, I just laughed. What else could I do? He held a smile that teetered between amused and disbelief. We started dinner at 6 and we left when the place closed at midnight. We stood outside at his car for another two hours. Talking... and by then... kissing, and laughing, and talking some more. At one point He wheeled me around and He got me, in no uncertain terms, for the texting while driving. He didn't ask. He didn't worry if it was okay. He just did it! I was hooked. I was done for. I was all in, albeit with baited breath, hoping against hope He was everything He seemed to be. He was. He is. That night was the start of the greatest love affair I could ever hope to experience. That night was four years ago, we've never looked back, other than to laugh, and see how far we've come. 

So that's how we started, two people looking for something different. Something bigger and better than previously experienced. Two people who went into it just being themselves and hoping that was enough for the other. Two people figuring if it wasn't enough then that would be the way the cookie crumbled, and life would still be good. We were lucky, we were exactly what the other person needed, wanted, and dared to hope existed.  

We've had bumps and scrapes and peeled back infinite layers that were tough to get to, but He is always... just there, for me, for us. He is the Patriarch, the provider, the head of the house, the protector of us, of our relationship. He is the disciplinarian, and the leader, and He has given me every reason and tool, to both desire being, and to become, an obedient wife.


  1. I loved your 2 part story, and am looking forward to reading more. Welcome to blogland! Sara

  2. Hi Sara, thank you for the welcome and the comment! I've read your blog several times and really enjoy it!

  3. He sounds tough! My guy is too..he's no push over, that's for sure.

  4. Great story, Candy! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Meow

  5. Stormy~ nope not a push over and to be honest, I'm soooo glad he isn't! Even if it does leave me stomping my foot sometimes :D

  6. So in your e mail to him...before you met.....was "spanking" part of his profile or something? Just wondering....

  7. This sounds great!

    I look forward to reading your journey x

  8. Ashley~ =) It was a site that was geared towards that. So, yeah, we knew before we met that we were both inclined to that type of relationship.
    I never had an issue finding those type of men in just regular ol' life ya know? But it was nice not to have to figure out if he really was that way, or if I just thought he was that way.
    We hadn't really discussed it much prior to meeting, other than confirming we both were looking for a relationship built on: Man in charge, woman submissive.
    I'm glad we hadn't disected it... we just went with it... letting it evolve according to His nature and mine.

    wifeinlove~ thank you!